Hillis' Yellow Blackmouth Curs!
  Ladner Bloodline All the Way!




~Marilyn's Page~


Hello everyone, my name is Marilyn Hillis and Paul Hillis is my husband.
I love puppies and dogs and it's a good thing I do.... :) Sometimes I come home to find one of Paul's favorite puppies sitting on the couch beside him. Also it' a known fact that Rusty loves coming in the house making himself at home.
Yellow Blackmouth curs are the best and I love Queen and Rusty..... They are best.....

~Thanks so much~
Marilyn J. Hillis

Below are some of my personal pictures and fun times with my favorite Yellow Black Mouth Cur! You just gotta love Rusty. 
He enjoys hunting and is really good at it, but he also enjoys playing .
Sometimes I look outside and I see Rusty jumping on the trampoline all by himself.  He is a one of a kind, awesome dog!


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