Hillis' Yellow Blackmouth Curs!
  Ladner Bloodline All the Way!

 Hillis' Photo Album

We have ten, 20 x 20 pens with concrete floors and septic tank. 
*The best investment I ever made.* 

Hillis' Striking Lightening
First place NKC Squirrel Hunt* 

Hillis' Deacon ~ one of my Stud dogs~

Hillis' Texas Flash ~ One of my Stud dogs~

Hillis' TP Wendy

~*~In the picture below is Striking Lightening is Treeing
on a cast in the Texas State Hunt 2011 .....

Hillis' Kate during a bench Show
at the 2011 Texas State Hunt

~Paul's Kate at 7 months old in the below photo~

~ Below is Striking Lightening ~
She treed these 8 squirrels in about an hour.


 Hillis' Lightening and Hillis' Queen
~After an evening hunt 21 Squirrels and 1 coon~

Below is Rusty treeing a squirrel!


~Summer Gold~

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